We visited Chernobyl in 2019.

Some tips for your visit. If you have the extra money hire a private driver. We had much more freedom than the other tourists. Our guide let us explore Pripyat unsupervised. We were able to go wherever we wanted including to the top of the tallest apartment building as well as the basement of the hospital. Our group of 4 also had our own van and driver. We were much more comfortable than the other groups we saw crammed into the buses.

We spent three nights in the exclusion zone which was one night too many. After one day exploring the outskirts and seeing ground zero two days walking through Pripyat was more than enough. At first the abandoned city is truly awe inspiring but after you've seen all the unique spots one abandoned building becomes the same as the next.

Anyone spending the night inside the exclusion zone stays at the same small "hotel". The hotel is more like a B&B. The food was fine and plentiful but nothing special. Be aware that come 1900 The bar is closed and the hotel is locked up. You can not leave.

We were also able to see the old soviet radar array and water cooling plant. I would also recommend that you make the effort to visit some of the residents that still live within the exclusion zone. The Babushka's of Chernobyl is a documentary with some information on the residents. We were able to have a nice lunch with one of the women from the documentary.

Overall it was an excellent trip that I would highly recommend. It cost about 500 euros per person for everything discussed. If you would like the contact for our guide send us a message as he is not available to the general public.

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