Montenegro 2021

Spent 10 days in Montenegro and here’s what I think; Worth the visit. Beautiful mountains, medieval forts, castles and monasteries. Friendly people, temperate weather, (At least in May.) all for a reasonable price.

Landed in Podgorica and rented a car for 10 days. As long as you have ‘competent driver’ in your party seeing the country by car is the way to go. Forget the tour buses and trains if you can. Outside the cities pretty much every road offers awe inspiring views and are well maintained. In the city things can get a little hectic but at least parking is cheap. Plus, whenever you see interesting things on the drive; of which this country has many, you can make detours.

As much as I hate to do it, I would recommend the full car insurance in Montenegro. A couple of times I did find myself in some very tight situations. And although overall the driving is not very difficult, in the cities I can see the probability of light damage being high.

After you’ve got your car simply drive this beautiful country. It was easy for us to find places to stay online, from signs on the road and friendly locals. Good food is easy to come by.

The country is on the less expensive side but does use the euro. I’m sure we got lucky with some of our hotel prices due to being rebel covid travellers. I suggest simply looking ahead as with most countries' things get more expensive during the busy season.

Only regret is not being able to include Dubrovnik (Of game of thrones fame.) in our adventure; covid hassles. However, Montenegro had no problems covering this loss.

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